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911 Timeline - 20041102 Last Chance - 9/11 Chronology

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911 Timeline - 20041102 Last Chance - 9/11 Chronology

Publication date 2004
Publisher NA
Digitizing sponsor NA
This chronology of 9/11 events, based on the 9/11 Commission Report. CNN, Fox, Naudet and Booker Elementary footage play in a 4-way split screen. 9/11 Commission Report findings (and other pertinent news stories) are displayed at their appropriate times. Audio includes radio scan of firemen's radio frequencies.
From what I've been reading about "fair use", news stories are given greater leniency then fiction. And my personal feeling is that I've recontextualized the footage.
I'd like to place this in Public Domain, but of course all the source material is copyright. People can do absolutely anything they want with the footage as far as I'm concerned, but keep in mind my interpretation of the footage as "fair use" is just that... my interpretation. If you use it commercially, no telling what Fox will do.
All but 1 file are the full 44 minute version. The 1 smaller QuickTime is a 12 minute sampler which shows just the My-Pet-Goat timeline.
Note that I'm no longer worried about distributing copies of the DVD (as stated at the end of the video) now that IA is hosting. Downloading the MPEG-2 from IA is just as good as the DVD itself.
Update: Dedicated site created..., this 911 Chronology site was created so I could track traffic and offer links to purchase source material (like Naudet doc).
Update: Uploaded source material. I've received numerous requests for the CNN and FOX live news coverage, so have re-digitized it and compressed it to MPEG-2. While I can't completely isolate the news feeds (as that would be 2 hours of copyrighted news footage), I've simplified the split screen and increased the size so both FOX and CNN each have a dedicated audio channel, and 480x480 resolution. Given the low quality (EP VHS) of the source material, there's not much more to see then that.
Update: It has been pointed out that the first impact occurs at 08:46 not 08:44 (as shown in my video). This is my mistake. If I were to consider redoing this video, does anyone have footage I've overlooked which would be an improvement over my existing coverage?
Update [2006-02-11]: I've seen a very interesting video called Loose Change 2nd Edition (download here). I can't vouch for its accuracy as it is defenitely NOT 100% CORRECT, but it raises some interesting charges that were completely new to me when I saw it. I've created a conspiracy rebuttal video before, and generally don't consider myself one to spread charges that haven't been proven true. But on the other hand, the 9/11 Commission Report IS flawed. It may provide a distinct chronology of events, but I no longer consider it a 100% accurate account. By watching "Loose Change" then "Screw Loose Change" (a detailed rebuttal) one can most quickly get a handle on the conspiracy theories surrounding 9/11. Hopefully I'm not spreading mis-information by promoting Loose Change, but I have concerns about propagating only 911CR. I put a caveat on my video: I don't claim to know its accurate, just that it accurately restates some of 911CR's findings.


Footage copyrighted by Naudet brothers, CNN, Fox. I downloaded Booker footage from BuzzFlash.Com and MichaelMoore.Com (they hosted different copies). I downloaded the foreign news clips off random bitTorrent trackers.


00:17 AAF11 hits north tower.
01:09 CNN Breaking news.
03:09 Fox News alert.
04:24 Bush's motorcade arrives at Booker Elementary.
06:20 Bush enters classroom.
07:53 U175 hits south tower.
09:54 Andrew Card tells Bush "America is under attack".
14:57 Reading lesson ends.
18:54 Bush's speech at Booker continues on schedule.
20:07 Bush's speech ends.
22:05 U93 "...there is a bomb on board..."
24:44 CNN Breaking News: Pentagon.
33:26 South tower collapses.
40:17 NYFD in base of N.Tower unaware S.Tower collapsed.
43:06 North tower collapses.

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Reviewer: - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 25, 2006
Subject: believe your own eyes
Reviewer: dvgmx - favorite - May 16, 2006
Subject: I CANT OPEN THE FILE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: porkchopsjar - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - May 12, 2006
Subject: Takes you right back to the day.
As a news junkie I still regret having slept through the most significant event of my young life (well...thirty years; the fall of the Berlin Wall comes a close second) but this documentary makes up for it. On 9/11 things were all over by the time I turned on the TV. Watching this takes you right back to the day. No conspiracy questions here, just a basic reporting of what happened, which is actually kind of refreshing...
Reviewer: ChrisBourgeois - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 24, 2006
Subject: 911 Timeline - 20041102 Last Chance - 9/11 Chronology
one of the best 9/11 doc's i have seen you need to asee this!!!!!!!!
Reviewer: Jerryseinfeld - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 11, 2005
Subject: Separate feeds
I would like to watch the feeds one at a time.
Reviewer: RLeather - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 11, 2005
Subject: Extraordinarily powerful with no speculation and only the facts on show.
I think the most powerful thing about this documentary (if it can be labelled as such) is the she nature of its presentation. It doesnÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂt try to find plots or suggest reasons. It simply shows the facts in a timeline.

My personal story is that weÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂd recently switch to satellite TV (UK) and my partner Sue was flicking channels when she saw the very first reports of the first plan hitting the tower. So I saw the live CNN footage of the second plane, as it happened.

Needless to say, this video brings back a lot of emotions back to the surface; probably more so than any number of clinical blow by blow or detailed investigatory documentaries. Here the footage is live and raw and as I remember it.

As for ridiculous comments with regards spelling mistakes and punctuations by other reviewers; you just canÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂt help but think they are missing the point.

Highly recommended and quite an achievement.
Reviewer: LastChance - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 19, 2005
Subject: Film Threat Review
I'm not actually reviewing my own video... because if I did I'd give it 6 out of 5... I just LOVE my own videos. But here is a part of a Film Threat review which can be found in full at:

While the viewer may be used to footage from that day, such as the planes crashing into the World Trade Center and the ensuing chaos on the streets of New York City, ÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂ20041102.Last.ChanceÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂ is different in how it arranges the footage. Dividing the screen into four sections like ÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂTimecodeÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂ multiple images are shown at once. A clock in the center of the screen links the footage together and text, supported by the sources cited, pops up from time to time recounting where the planes were and what was being done on the ground (or not being done on the ground) to stop them. The footage ranges from news coverage taken from Fox and CNN to a Japanese news broadcast in New York City to sound bites from on the planes to the seven minutes of President Bush sitting with the class of children after he heard we were under attack to actual footage from firefighters in and around the towers. The compiling of such shocking images such as watching Bush calmly sit in the classroom as the children recite their lessons and watching from first person perspective a firefighter dash away from a tower as it collapses, hiding behind a car as a cloud of smoke and debris rushes past, is engaging but it is in the integration of the images the film derives its strength. Often times the audio will bleed together with the news reporters talking over one another. The childrenÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂÃÂs reading in unison takes on an odd, eerie quality when contrasted with the excited newscasters and the disaster footage from the other sections. Whereas this footage presented alone or one at a time would have had an impact, this stylistic choice of jamming it together sums up the true scattershot feel of that day.
Reviewer: parakeet - favoritefavoritefavorite - June 10, 2005
Subject: Transcription errors mar otherwise thoughtfully edited work
Numerous spelling and grammatical errors detract from what could have been a powerful depiction of the events of 911.
Reviewer: Michiel Sikma - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - June 10, 2005
Subject: It impresses!
Really nicely made. I liked watching this video, and it was nice how you lined everything up with the right times of occurrence. Arguably, the part where Bush is in the classroom is the most impressive of all.

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